//Nowadays, with the desire to enjoy and preserve vivid moments such as videos, event video production services have garnered more attention than ever before. //

Table of Contents

I. Present-day demand for Video Production Services

Amidst the relentless advancement of technology, video production services have transformed into an indispensable component of communication activities for enterprises and individuals. Thus, Thien An Media has emerged as a response to the burgeoning demand from clients. In addition to the purpose of using video production services to create promotional films for businesses to showcase to customers, many companies also have other needs such as producing TVCs, and Livestream.

Video and photography production services

Video and photography production services

II. Thien An Media’s Video Production Services

Nowadays, many businesses desire to capture their company's beautiful moments and activities in videos, which can serve various purposes such as internal archives, promotional videos, and advertising materials. Thien An Media's video production service typically will provide 1-2 personnel for small-scale events or a team for larger programs. The service will record the main components and select the most aesthetically pleasing sources to create a clip, which will be delivered to the client.

Among the three primary video production services offered by Thien An Media are:

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Advertising Video Production
  • Live Stream Video Production

In addition, we offer a range of event organization packages which include the following video production services:

  • Video of annual events such as Year End Party, Grand Openings, and Inaugurations
  • Video of Customer Appreciation Events, Conferences, and Seminars
  • Video of Product Launch Events
  • Video of Corporate Anniversary 
  • Video of Gala Dinner and Team Building events.

2.1 Corporate Film Production

Corporate Video Production is a type of short promotional video, typically 3 to 5 minutes in length (although longer clips of 10 to 20 minutes may also be used), that is used to introduce a company and its products or services to customers and partners. The purpose of this type of video is to establish trust and convey the message of the business to the public. To promote their image and attract customers, many companies are choosing corporate filmmaking services.

The types of videos commonly used for Corporate Video Production include:

  • Introduction videos about the company and employee training videos
  • Project and company-size introduction videos
  • Product/service advertising video
  • The product manufacturing process and usage instruction videos
  • Customer testimonial videos about products/services
  • Videos introducing new products/services.

Corporate video production

Corporate video production

2.2 TV Commercial Production

TVC is a type of marketing video with a duration of 15-60 seconds. It contains a storyline and message that a business wants to convey to its customers.

TV Commercial Production Services provide companies with videos for commercial purposes, promoting their products and brand. This service includes the entire process from idea generation to scriptwriting, filming, and post-production. The importance of commercial film production has increased in the digital age as these services can help companies maintain competitiveness in the market.

Producing a TVC requires significant investment in content, finances, time, and a large workforce. However, the value of TVCs from commercial media perspectives is still high and justifies the costs incurred.

Some video production services for advertising (TVCs - iTVCs) include:

  • TVC Online Production
  • TV Commercial Production
  • Recruitment Video Production 
  • Internal Communication Video Production
  • 3D TVC Production
  • Viral Clip Production

TV commercial production service

TV commercial production service

Some Live Stream Production Services are:

  • Livestream Service for Online Exhibitions and Trade Shows
  • Livestream Service for Online Conferences and Seminars
  • Livestream Service for Remote Training and Education
  • Livestream Service for Online Meet & Greet and Networking Events

III. Thien An Media's Video Production Services

Thien An Media offers a diverse range of video production services, including expert live streaming and corporate introduction videos, as well as TV commercial video production. Our team of experienced and talented professionals will assist you in producing high-quality videos that capture your audience's attention and effectively communicate your business message at the most competitive rates.

3.1 Pros and Benefits of Thien An Media

Experienced team: With over 5 years of experience in video production services, our team will assist you in creating practical and creative ideas and scripts for your business promotion videos.

Standardized process: We are committed to standardizing the process of implementing services such as Self-Introduction Videos, Livestream, and Corporate Videos to ensure that the project is completed on time and accurately.

New equipment and technology platform: Our modern equipment and technology platform will ensure that the production process is carried out professionally and with high-quality results.

Professional KOLs, PGs, and dancers: Our customers can request casting to select suitable professionals for their projects.

Quality assurance: We guarantee that our video marketing products have beautiful, sharp images, smooth movement, convey the right message, and bring high efficiency to PR and business.

Video production services at Thien An Media

Video production services at Thien An Media

3.2 Video Production Process

Step 1: Receive and process customer's video production requests

We receive requests from customers, which can be for TVC production, making self-introduction videos, live streams, or a combination of both video and photo shooting.

Step 2: Consultation and agreement

After receiving the request, the next step is for our consulting team to contact the customer to discuss and advise on the most suitable solutions for their video needs. From there, we propose appropriate solutions and ensure that the project achieves the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Step 3: Plan the video production

After reaching an agreement with the customer, Thien An Media will proceed to develop a production plan based on the provided requirements and information. The production plan includes details on the location, time, script, and related costs.

Step 4: Video production process

Once the customer agrees to the detailed script and production plan, Thien An Media will commence the video process at the location specified by the customer. The duration of the video process will depend on the script and context and may take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

Step 5: Video editing and post-production

After completing the video process, Thien An Media's editing team will process and edit the footage to create a complete product. However, there may be some customers who do not require video editing and only want the raw footage. In that case, we will send a copy of the footage by uploading it to the cloud for the customer to download.

Step 6: Sending demo and adjusting the product

In this step, we typically provide customers with three rounds of revisions to ensure that the final product will meet the customer's satisfaction.

Video production process

Video production process

Step 7: Deliver the product and end the contract

The final step in Thien An Media's Video Production Service is to deliver the product to the customer according to the agreement made during the consultation and finalized in the contract.

III. Thien An Media provides professional video production services

Corporate video and TVC production services are among the hottest services today, helping businesses create high-quality and impressive video products to promote their brand and products to the public.

With a skilled team of event organizers and high-capacity equipment, Thien An Media is committed to providing the most beautiful and delicate footage for your corporate introduction video and TVC. This will be the stepping stone to bringing your business closer to more customers.

Above is the necessary information about reliable video production services provided by Thien An Media. If you are looking for professional and reliable video production services in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact us for the earliest consultation.