//As we can see, event management is one of the fields with high potential and is attracting much attention from the media. However, the true definition of event organization is not yet fully understood by everyone. In the article below, Thien An Media will provide you with the necessary information to answer these questions, so let's follow along. //

Table of Contents

I. The definition of event management

24th Anniversary Celebration of Mailisa Beauty Salon

24th Anniversary Celebration of Mailisa Beauty Salon

Event management involves the planning and execution of a diverse range of social or business events which can range in scale from small to large. These events may include Customer Conferences, Grand Openings, Training Seminars, Trade Shows, Ceremonies, Year End Party, and Press Conferences,...Event organizers are responsible for adhering to their client’s instructions, working within a specified budget and timeline, and coordinating with multiple suppliers to ensure the events are successfully organized.

II. Full process of event organization

2.1. Receiving information from the client

The Account Executive will accept customer requests about event organization services including the purpose, timeline, budget, specific requirements, and expectations of the client. Based on their experience and expertise, the staff will suggest appropriate options and solutions to ensure the event runs smoothly with the most efficient cost optimization for each aspect.

2.2. Brainstorming,  agenda development and quotation

Each event program will convey a different message, so the event theme and idea implementation must align with each company's culture. A detailed agenda will outline the activities that will occur in the event in a specific order on a specific date and time.

It is crucial to develop suitable ideas and select components that align with the event's purpose when organizing an event. Specifically, the selected components must represent the company's characteristics, providing an exciting and memorable experience for guests.

2.3. Venue survey and event planning consultation

Surveying the venue and developing a comprehensive plan for the event are crucial tasks as this is where all event activities take place. It is necessary to understand the entrance, and standard sizes for designing stages or backdrops and printing standard backdrops.

Afterward, the team will advise on how to organize the event to meet the requirements of the customer. Finally, Thien An Media will finalize the quotation and contract to prepare for the implementation of the event.

2.4. Preparation of key elements for the event

Personnel: Emcee, singer, KOL, PG-PB, music band, dancer, Lion and Dragon dance, etc.

Equipment: sound and lighting, recording, LED screens, etc.

Design: stage, backdrop, standee, poster, standee, etc.

Media: social media, flyers, livestream, etc.

Event photography and videography.

2.5. Running the event

Set up the stage, sound and lighting systems, as well as the catering and test some of the activities.

Assign each event organizer to their designated position and assigned tasks.

Ensure that the program follows the event agenda.

2.6. End and evaluation of the event program

Professional event team - Thien An Media

Professional Event Team

At the end of the event, it is time to evaluate, report the results of the operation and review the event. This is also the way that Thien An Media can continuously enhance and improve to provide the best services to customers.

III. Professional event management service

Thien An Media boasts extensive experience in event organizing and a committed passionate team. We offer businesses professional event-organizing services that are marked by innovative and varied concepts that stay current with the latest trends. Moreover, we offer these services at an optimized cost that accommodates different budgets and scales of events.

3.1. Year End Party

Year End Party Tay Ho

Project: Tay Ho - Year End Party

Organizing a Year End Party is essential for businesses, organizations, and groups as it plays a significant role in maintaining and developing corporate culture. The party is also a great chance for leaders, employees, stakeholders and customers to get together and have fun while they review what they did in the past year and plan for the next one. Everyone can be happy, chill, and get closer to each other during this event.

3.2. The Grand Opening

Project: Office Grand Opening & Signing Ceremony of Cooperation VP Corp - HKT Group


The Grand Opening event is considered a symbol of a new beginning in Eastern culture and beliefs. Almost everyone hopes for a perfect and smooth start for their company. A well-organized opening ceremony can be a solid foundation for the business's further steps and development.

This event is not only about introducing a new company, store, showroom, etc., but it is also a platform to promote the company's professional image to potential customers and partners.

3.3. Conferences and Seminars

Project: MFM Securities Financial Investment Seminar 

Project: MFM Securities Financial Investment Seminar 

Conferences and seminars provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to gather at a specific location and time. A conference is a meeting held to make decisions or reach an agreement on a particular issue, while a seminar is a meeting for exchanging ideas or discussing a specific topic.

Companies and businesses organize annual conferences and seminars to serve their business processes: maintain good relationships, demonstrate professionalism with partners and attract potential customers. Through these events, companies or businesses can meet, exchange, and network with partners, promoting their image effectively.

3.4. Customer Appreciation Events


Project: Customer Appreciation Event for The Rivana

Customer Appreciation Event is an occasion for businesses to show appreciation to customers and partners, build long-lasting relationships, and promote stronger collaboration to move forward together. This event can be held throughout the year or once a year on a set schedule

3.5. New Product Launch Event

Project: Launch Event for ID Junction

Project: Launch Event for ID Junction

The introduction of a new product or service is a crucial milestone for any company. Organizing a product launch event is a great way to create a strong first impression among customers. Such events have a significant impact on customers' decision to buy and use the company's products or services, making it essential to make the event stand out and leave a lasting impression.

3.6. Corporate Anniversary

Project: Nam Thuan Phat - 15th Anniversary of Company Establishment 

Project: Nam Thuan Phat - 15th Anniversary of Company Establishment 

The corporate anniversary is a very special event that marks a milestone in the business's development journey. It is an opportunity for the company to express gratitude to its customers and partners, while also recognizing the contributions and dedication of all employees within the company.

3.7. Team Building

2022 Tay Ho Group Sports Day - IDJUNCTION

2022 Tay Ho Group Sports Day - IDJUNCTION

Thien An Media is one of the reputable and professional companies specializing in organizing Team Building Events in Ho Chi Minh City. With a team of experienced staff, Thien An Media can customize teambuilding programs that meet the unique requirements and expectations of each business. The programs include both indoor and outdoor such as team sports, art activities, and exploration trips.

3.8. Gala Dinner

A Gala Dinner Event of Thien An Media

Gala Dinner Event

Thien An Media is a premier event organizing company with over 5 years of experience organizing Gala Dinners of all sizes in Ho Chi Minh City. We understand the importance of optimizing your work and reducing costs, and that's why we offer a team of highly professional people who will ensure that your event is a resounding success. Our commitment to excellence means that we will work closely with you to design a Gala Dinner program that meets all your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

3.9. Online Event

This is an online event that takes place in the virtual space of the internet, where participants interact and exchange information through the online environment. If you have a new product or service that you want to introduce to the market and share detailed information with customers, consider organizing an online event, particularly given the widespread popularity of live streams on social media platforms.

While online events may not provide the same level of visual engagement as offline events, they offer an efficient way to maintain continuous operation without being hindered by factors such as time, distance, and cost.

Full-service event management is a convenient and effective solution for organizing various events including conferences, grand openings, birthdays, weddings, and more. By utilizing this service, you can save time, cut costs, and guarantee the quality of the event. If you are planning an event, consider using full-service event management to ensure its success. We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of this service and provided you with useful information to determine whether or not to use it.