Corporate Anniversary

I. General introduction to the corporate anniversary

1.1. What is a corporate anniversary?

This is an organized event to honor and thank the employees, partners, and customers who have contributed to the company's growth over time. It also serves as a moment for the leadership and employees to reflect on the company's journey, evaluate achievements, set goals, and establish the direction for future development.


The 15th-anniversary celebration of Nam Thuan Phat Company

The anniversary of the company's establishment is commonly organized in the form of a banquet. This is the most typical and popular format. The banquet can be held at a restaurant, hotel, or beach, depending on the company's choice. The event usually includes food, drinks, music, entertainment performances, and speeches from employees or company leaders. Typically, businesses will organize anniversary celebrations at significant milestones such as the 1st anniversary or the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment.

1.2. Key considerations when organizing a corporate anniversary

Respect the company's culture: The anniversary of the company's establishment is an occasion to honor and promote the company's image. Therefore, the celebration should be organized in a manner that aligns with the values and culture of the company.

Example: Show respect for the company's values by delivering messages, speeches, and decorations that are in line with the company's values and mission. Avoid excessive artistic elements and decorations as they may diminish the value of the event.

Ensure safety and cost-effectiveness: The company needs to ensure the safety of guests and cost-effectiveness during the organization of the anniversary celebration. The selection of the venue, equipment, security personnel, and event monitoring is crucial.

Example: The company may choose a venue close to the office to save costs. Additionally, hiring security and event monitoring services will ensure the safety of guests and the successful execution of the banquet.

Select reputable and high-quality service providers: Choosing a reputable and high-quality service provider for organizing the anniversary celebration will contribute to a smoother event. The company should consider criteria such as reputation, experience, service quality, and staff team when selecting the most suitable service provider.


Event team - Thien An Media

Example: Thien An Media is a reputable company specializing in organizing corporate anniversary celebrations with over 5 years of experience. They have a professional team and offer the most competitive prices.

Invite the appropriate guests: The company needs to invite the right guests to ensure the success of the corporate anniversary celebration. Appropriate guests may include employees, customers, partners, and shareholders of the company.


Video: 15th Anniversary Celebration of Nam Thuan Phat 

Example: During the 20th-anniversary banquet of Company A, they will invite employees, customers, partners, and shareholders to participate in the celebration. The selection of guests is based on their relationship with the company and their influence on its development.

Plan the event program: The company should plan the event program according to the purpose and target audience. Additionally, the anniversary celebration program should incorporate various activities, games, and appropriate food to create a joyful and comfortable atmosphere.

Example: Company A will plan the 1st anniversary celebration with a program that includes welcoming remarks, speeches from distinguished guests, artistic performances, games, and dining. The company will prepare speeches and performances in advance to ensure a smooth and engaging program for the guests.

II. The process of organizing an event by Thien An Media

Step 1: Information reception and exchange

Customers can provide their information, including full name, phone number, email, and details of their needs through the contact form or via Zalo/Facebook connections. A customer service department will promptly contact them.

Step 2: Develop event ideas and a preliminary script

After exchanging information and understanding the customer's needs, the company's employees will apply their experience and creativity to develop event ideas and a preliminary script. This allows the customer to easily make adjustments and have a clearer vision of the flow of their company's anniversary celebration.


Lotus Dance Performance at the 4th Anniversary Celebration of Eras Group

Step 3: Quotation and send to the customer

After finalizing and completing the script, Thien An Media will provide a detailed quotation to the customer, specifying the different items involved in the corporate anniversary event.

Step 4: Contract drafting and signing

The contract will be prepared once both parties agree on all aspects of the project. It will be sent to the customer as soon as possible for review and signing.

Step 5: Preparing for the corporate anniversary event

- Assigning responsibilities to relevant departments.

- Preparing for personnel, equipment, venue, costumes, designs, and related items.

- Setting up the stage, sound, and lighting systems, event space, banquet tables, flowers, etc.

- Conducting program tests: MC, dance group, performers, equipment, etc.

Step 6: Running the program

The corporate anniversary event will be executed according to the planned schedule and duration. All staff members will closely follow the program to ensure smooth operations. Thien An Media always develops contingency plans for events.

Step 7: Conclusion, project summary report, and payment

This is the stage where the effectiveness of the event is evaluated. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to help Thien An Media continuously improve the quality of their services.

III. Corporate anniversary event planning services - Thien An Media

With many years of experience in event planning, especially corporate anniversary celebrations such as 1-year, 10-year, and 20-year milestones, Thien An Media always brings the pride of the company to the attending guests.

3.1. Professional team of personnel

Thien An Media possesses a team of professionals with expertise, extensive experience, and creative thinking. In each program, personnel plays a crucial role in providing implementation solutions, coordinating tasks, handling immediate situations, and ensuring the smooth execution of all activities.

3.2. Creative ideas, themes, and scripts

To develop a theme for the corporate anniversary event, Thien An Media listens, researches, and explores your business to provide innovative ideas, suitable themes, and scripts that align with the company's culture and budget.

3.3. Event categories

The success of a corporate anniversary event largely relies on the categories involved, which account for 80% of the overall outcome. Thien An Media takes proactive measures to invest in and develop the best event categories, aiming to deliver valuable experiences for the customers.


Musical performance

Event staff: Event MC, dance group, performing group, hostesses, ushers, lion dance performers, singers, bands, etc. All these categories will have profiles for customers to choose from.

Event equipment: Sound and lighting systems, LED screens, and other event equipment are invested in and equipped with the latest modern technologies to meet the requirements of any scale of the corporate anniversary event.

Menu: The menu for the banquet is diverse, ranging from Asian to Western cuisine, visually appealing, and ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Event promotion: Banners, flyers, live streaming on social media channels, event filming for television, and press coverage... Ensuring security and welcoming guests.

Event design for the corporate anniversary: Proactively designing backdrops, standees, photo corners, banners, banners, etc., with creative and innovative designs, incorporating the latest trends while reflecting the company's brand.

Don't hesitate to join Thien An Media in organizing your corporate anniversary event. Contact us to experience the best event planning services, a successful event that contributes to the prosperous development of your business.