Customer Appreciation Conference

I. Overview of the event of gratitude to customers and partners

1.1. What is the Customer Appreciation Ceremony?

Customer and partner appreciation ceremony is an activity organized to thank and recognize the important contributions of customers and partners of the company through special offers or entertainment events. This is a way for businesses to show gratitude and respect to those who have contributed to the development of their business.


Project: The Rivana . Customer Appreciation Ceremony

Customer appreciation events for partners can include activities such as enjoying food, games, cultural programs, gift-giving activities and activities to talk and exchange between customers, partners and employees. member of the enterprise.

This event can be held periodically 1-2 times per year, or only when the business has remarkable achievements. Also organize this event as part of a marketing campaign for the business to promote relationships with customers and partners.

1.2. Factors that make organizing customer conferences more attractive

Creative ideas: Bringing new, unique and creative ideas in customer conferences, from designs, activities to gifts and rewards.

Suitable for customers and partners: Activities and programs in the customer appreciation ceremony must be suitable with the characteristics, interests and needs of customers and partners to attract and create a good impression.

Service quality: Ensure the best service quality so that customers and partners can experience and feel satisfied with the event.

Professional staff: Organizing a customer conference needs to have a team of professional, experienced, dedicated and attentive staff to ensure the success of the event.

Combination of messages and entertainment: Organizing customer conferences needs to combine messages to customers and partners along with entertainment activities, helping to strengthen relationships and exchanges between parties.

Create surprises: Create unique surprises and highlights in the customer appreciation ceremony so that guests can remember the event and your company for a long time.


Project: Gratitude to customers The Rivana

II. Forms of gratitude to customers and partners

2.1. Loyalty program

For customers with membership cards, they will enjoy special offers such as vouchers, discount codes for the next purchase or participate in customer appreciation events of the business. These rewards can be applied to store products or services, helping customers save on shopping costs and gauge brand loyalty.

For example, a restaurant might offer a loyalty program that collects information about customers' food preferences and eating habits, and then offers them special offers such as discounts. , free vouchers for their favorite food.

2.2. Offer a free product or service experience:

In addition to holding customer conferences, partners providing free product or service experiences is one of the best forms of customer gratitude. This way gives customers the opportunity to experience and evaluate the quality of your products/services more directly and intuitively.

When customers feel satisfied with a product or service, they tend to become loyal customers and will encourage relatives and friends around to use it. Besides, this helps to create interest and increase the motivation for customers to learn and use new products or services.

For example:  In the program, customers will be provided with a sample of the company's new products to use within a week. The company's experts will guide customers on how to use the product properly and most effectively.

After using the product, the customer will be asked to fill out a review survey about the product. Customers will be given a 10% discount coupon on their next product purchase, and the customers with the best reviews will be given a gift basket that includes the company's products.

2.3. Discount Program

Discounts have always been a very practical way of thanking customers. While holding a customer conference, businesses can create discounts when buying products right there. Thereby helping customers feel more satisfied and can become regular customers of the business.

Percentage Discount: A product can be discounted by a certain amount, such as 10% or 20%, to encourage customers to buy more.

Order Value Discount: Discount a certain amount for an order of a certain value. For example, a discount of 50,000 VND for orders over 500,000 VND.

Buy One Get One Free: This is a fun way to encourage customers to buy your business' products. You can give customers another product for free (perhaps a new product as a trial) when they purchase a particular product.

cac-chuong-trinh-khuyen-mai-hay1Illustration of discounts on special occasions

Example: Food store A is holding a customer appreciation event at its stall for a single day. During this day, store C offers 10% off all products on the shelves.

2.4. Organize games, customer gratitude giveaways:

Organizing games is one of the effective ways to increase interaction between businesses and customers. By taking advantage of the customer's love to receive gifts, businesses can organize games, draws, and sweepstakes to create a positive impression of customers on the business.

In addition, giving gifts through minigames also helps businesses promote their brands. When customers receive useful and unique gifts from the business, they will feel more love and support for this brand and share information about the program on social networks or word of mouth to friends. , relatives.

Example:  Circle K regularly hosts minigames on her Facebook page. In the game, participants have to answer questions related to solving crosswords or matching landmarks,... The fastest and most correct answers will receive gifts from the Circle K convenience store. It is also a way to show their gratitude to their customers.

2.5. Organizing a customer appreciation conference:

This is not only an opportunity to thank existing customers, but also a way to attract new leads, promote new brands and products, and create new business opportunities.


Gratitude gifts sent to customers

Example: A company holds a customer appreciation event to introduce a new product or to gather opinions from customers about a product under development.

III. Ideas to organize a customer conference

Most of today's gratitude sessions or corporate events are similar, with speeches by the leadership, awarding and giving gifts to customers, partners, performances. concerts, receptions,... This loop makes many people feel bored and have no interest in participating in the event. So, please refer to the following ideas for organizing Thien An Media's customer gratitude events to make your ceremony more special and interesting.

Red gala: This concept uses red as the main color with decorative accessories such as red curtains, roses and red carpet, which will create a warm, warm and romantic space. In addition, suitable entertainment games and activities for this concept can be fireworks, live music, ... will help create a joyful and inspiring party for customers.

Pool Party: This is an outdoor party concept, poolside with dim lighting, along with exciting performances, filled with sound. Some places to organize pool parties in Ho Chi Minh City include: Intercontinental Saigon, Lotte Legend Hotel, Nai Vang Food Garden, Thao Dien Village,...

Cocktail party: This concept creates a luxurious and aristocratic space, with premium drinks and melodious jazz music. To add to the impression, you can organize entertainment activities such as trying out cocktails for customers or contests to find the best cocktail bartender.

dạ tiệc cocktail

Cocktail party

Light gala: This is an idea to organize a customer appreciation party based on the light festival in Russia. In addition to LED lights, the organizers can also use hundreds of candles to create a more sparkling, impressive and attractive space for the event stage.

Afternoon Tea Party: An afternoon tea party with premium tea will be a great way to thank customers. Afternoon tea parties are often decorated with high-class tea sets, cakes, savory cakes, fruits and beverages such as tea, coffee, cocktails or wine. To create a more comfortable and cozy space for guests, you should use gentle colors and use decorative accessories such as tablecloths, decorative lights, fresh flowers, scented candles.

Organize live singing program and music night: Customers will feel very interesting when participating in a live singing program or music night with famous artists. Event organizers can choose the customer's favorite artists and create a lively, music-filled party.

IV. Planning to hold a customer-partner conference

4.1. Determining the purpose of organizing a customer appreciation event

The purpose of the conference may vary depending on the specifics of each business, however, the main purpose of the customer appreciation conference is usually:

  • It is an opportunity for businesses to thank customers and partners for supporting and accompanying the business during the past time.

  • Create opportunities for customers to meet and interact with each other.

  • Promote your brand to customers and the public.

  • If the business has a new product, the conference can also be an opportunity to introduce this product to customers.

4.2. Choose the time and place of the event

Organization time: To ensure the participation of customers, the customer appreciation ceremony should be held on weekends such as Saturday or Sunday as the most suitable. The time from 18:00 to 20:00 is prioritized to organize a customer appreciation ceremony.

Location: Priority should be given to locations located in the center, easy to find and convenient for transportation to help customers easily move and feel comfortable when participating in the ceremony.

4.3. Make a guest list

In addition to agents, distributors, strategic partners, it is also important to invite press agencies and media. Make a specific and detailed guest list, making it easy for you to welcome guests appropriately and thoughtfully.

4.4. Ideas for the event

To make a good impression on customers at the gratitude party, you need to have a separate theme to convey the message to customers. With a professional event organizer, the experts will help you execute the program smoothly and bring a great experience to your customers with creative, new and trendy ideas.

4.5. Make a plot

After having an idea and theme for the program, the next step is to develop a detailed scenario, from welcoming guests to implementing the main content. The script should include time, duration, program content and personnel to help the organizers track progress and monitor implementation easily.

An organizational scenario usually includes the following main sections:

  • Welcoming guests: The reception welcomes guests, checks in and leads them to the appropriate seating position.
  • MC introduces the program, introduces delegates and guests.
  • Company representatives spoke at the event, thanked loyal customers and introduced new policies for customers.
  • The cultural exchange programs create the atmosphere for the event.
  • Opening the party and inviting guests to the party.
  • Minigame programs, lucky draws, lucky draw.
  • Closing speech at the event, speeches from guests, giving flowers and gifts.

4.6. Estimate the cost of organizing customer gratitude events

In order to organize a perfect client conference, budgeting is extremely important to ensure that all activities run smoothly and attract the attention of customers. Costs to consider include:

  • Venue rental cost: The cost of renting the hall, banquet hall and other space necessary to hold the conference.

  • Decoration costs: Includes the purchase of decorative items, flowers, plants, lighting and other items to create an impressive space for the conference.

  • Audio - light expenses: Renting sound equipment, lighting, projectors, display screens, presentation software and other technical equipment necessary to present information during the conference.

  • Meal expenses: Including the cost of food, drinks, tables and chairs, equipment used to serve and other costs related to serving customers during the conference.

  • Advertising and marketing costs: Costs of printing, designing and releasing advertising publications, communication costs, event promotion costs to attract customers' attention.

  • Travel and accommodation costs: If the conference takes place outside the city, there will be travel and accommodation costs for the organizing team and guests attending.

Depending on the size and requirements of the conference, the cost of organizing can range from a few tens of millions of dong to hundreds of millions of dong. A reasonable and balanced cost estimate will help ensure the success of the conference and meet the wishes of the customer.

4.7. Preparation

To prepare for the customer appreciation conference, the organizer needs to perform many different stages of work. Summary of the work to be done is as follows:

Form performance groups and assign specific tasks to each team member:

  • External Affairs Team: responsible for preparing and distributing invitations.
  • Logistics team: responsible for stage, sound, light, gifts, party...
  • Front desk team: responsible for welcoming guests to attend.
  • Content team: prepare articles, speeches and materials for guest speakers.

Prepare items:

  • Design and install sound and light systems with appropriate capacity.
  • Design and install backdrops and backdrops around the venue.
  • Hall decoration.
  • Prepare flowers and gifts for guests.
  • Check the stage and sound system.
  • Check out the catering department.

V. Thien An Media's customer conference organization service

Holding a customer conference is an event with a high scale and professionalism because the participants are partners and potential customers, so the image of the business on that day is extremely important.

Thien An Media is a company specializing in providing gratitude event services to partner customers. With many years of experience in this field, we are committed to providing our customers with memorable and impressive experiences. The process of organizing Thien An Media's customer conference is as follows:

Step 1: Get information: Customers contact Thien An Media via phone, email or social network chatbox. After that, we will contact you again to understand your needs, information about the conference as well as special requirements.

Step 2: Consulting and proposing solutions: Based on customer requirements, we will offer the most suitable solutions and advice. At the same time, we will introduce service packages and detailed quotes for customers to choose from.

Step 3: Compose the contract: Agree and sign on the constraints, terms, items, payment methods. 1st payment.

Step 4: Make a detailed plan: Based on the requirements and information from the customer, we will make a detailed plan from choosing a venue, program, schedule, to managing budget, providing service and technical solutions.

Step 5: Implementation and control: After detailed planning, Thien An Media will begin to organize the conference as planned. During the implementation, we will control and monitor all activities to ensure the success of the conference.

Step 6: Feedback and Evaluation: After completing the conference, we will collect feedback and evaluation from customers to improve the bad aspects, strengthen the strong points and develop the service to meet the needs. meet customer needs.

Event Management

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Thien An Media is a reputable and reliable event company so you can look for the best quality customer service. Our staff will advise you on every aspect of your event, from initial concept to final detail, to ensure that the event goes as well as possible and meets your business goals. your business.