Mid-Autumn Festival

I. Overview of the Mid-autumn Festival

1.1. What is the Mid-autumn Festival?


Festival of Reunion

The Mid-autumn Festival, also known as the Festival of Reunion, is a significant cultural celebration in Asian countries such as Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. It usually takes place on the 15th day of the lunar month, when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. On this day, various meaningful activities are organized, including Lantern Processions, lion dances, and eating traditional Mid-autumn specialties.

1.2. Origin of the Mid-autumn Festival

According to a story, on a full moon night in the eighth lunar month, Emperor Minh Hoang of the Tang Dynasty was relaxing in the Imperial Garden. While admiring the moon in the sky, he encountered Diệp Pháp Thiện, a Taoist with magical powers, who took him to the moon to behold the breathtaking scenery of the celestial world. From the moon, Emperor Minh Hoang witnessed the enchanting beauty of the moon and the incredible landscape. He felt as if he had entered a different world. When he returned to the earthly realm, the emperor still longed for that place. As a result, he ordered the people to carry lanterns, have festive meals, and admire the moon every full moon night of the eighth lunar month to commemorate that wonderful experience.


Mid-autumn Festival for Children

1.3. Meaningful ideas for organizing a Mid-autumn Festival

The Moon Festival is a traditional celebration focused on children. To create a meaningful and enjoyable party for them, you can consider the following creative ideas:

  • Ideas for organizing the Mid-autumn Festival for children

Idea 1: Making mooncakes

You can organize a fun activity for children to make their mooncakes or create a giant mooncake together. Through this game, kids will have memorable moments and gain a better understanding of the mooncake-making process, as well as develop an appreciation for the value of labor.

Idea 2: Organize a costume party

To match the festive atmosphere of the Mid-autumn Festival, you can allow children to dress up as characters like Chú Cuội, Chị Hằng, Thỏ Ngọc, and many others. Costume parties not only let kids enjoy becoming their favorite characters but also help them develop their personalities, define their styles, and explore their interests.

Idea 3: Lantern making

If you have enough space, you can invite a craftsman to guide children in making traditional or simple handmade lanterns. Afterward, you can organize a contest and give prizes to the fastest and most beautiful lanterns, to encourage the children's spirits.

Idea 4: Organize Mid-autumn Festival games for kids

Lantern bike racing: This game requires children to attach their Mid-autumn Festival lanterns to their bicycles and race against opponents in the dark. The winner is the first one to reach the finish line.

Smash the gift box: Children will smash a box or bag filled with candies and toys. Within a specified time, whoever can grab the gifts and make it to the finish line will officially own the rewards.

Ball toss into baskets: In this game, children have to toss balls into baskets placed at designated spots to receive rewards. Different baskets at different positions will correspond to different prizes.

Lantern decoration: The organizers can prepare lantern-making materials such as paper, cardboard, bamboo, straw, fabric, etc., and guide children to create their lanterns. They can decorate the lanterns with favorite patterns, images, or designs to make them more beautiful and personalized.


Lantern-Making Activity

Lion dance: In the traditional culture of Vietnam, Lion Dance or Lion Dance is a characteristic activity of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Despite the passage of time and social development, the distinctive features of tradition are still maintained on the night of the Moon Watching Festival. The Lion Dance performance will undoubtedly make the festival celebration more exciting and wonderful.

Lantern parade: Lantern Parade is an indispensable activity that completes the sense of unity and togetherness during the Mid-autumn Festival. Children holding hands together parade with lanterns along the streets and alleys, creating an adorable and vibrant scene. In addition to the traditional five-pointed star lanterns, nowadays lanterns are designed in various shapes such as fish lanterns, rabbit lanterns, etc., which are delicate and beautiful.

Decoration with mooncakes and sweets: You can choose a round table and cover it with a white cloth, then arrange it with an abundance of mooncakes, sticky candies, and various fruits. Additionally, you can decorate the table with lanterns, and balloons to add more vibrancy and colors to the feast.


Organizing a Moon Festival event for a business

  • Ideas for organizing a Mid-autumn Festival celebration for businesses

Cultural exchange program: This is an excellent activity to promote bonding among employees. Each department can plan and organize cultural performances such as singing, dancing, or even decorating the office with lanterns.

Team building activities: Organizing a Mid-autumn Festival-themed team-building event can create lasting memories and enhance team cohesion. The company can act as a facilitator, organizing games and challenges that promote teamwork and cooperation.

Food and dining celebration: Hosting a festive meal and gathering is another great idea for a corporate Mid-autumn Festival event. However, careful planning is necessary to ensure a successful event. Factors such as the number of participants, budget, menu selection, and venue should be considered. Alternatively, you can consider engaging professional event management companies that specialize in organizing Mid-autumn Festival events to ensure quality and save time and effort.

II. Process of organizing a Mid-autumn Festival event

To successfully organize a unique Mid-autumn Festival event, careful planning is crucial. Below are some necessary steps provided by Thiên An Media to help you plan and execute a successful Mid-autumn Festival program:

Step 1: Develop a detailed program script

Developing a detailed program script helps ensure meticulous preparation for the Mid-autumn Festival event. This includes preparing activities, games, performances, and food for the party. Additionally, a detailed program script ensures that the event is well-organized, with activities connected to create an engaging program for children and company employees.

Step 2: Choose a suitable venue 

The Mid-autumn Festival should be organized in a spacious, airy venue with enough room to hold active programs. You can choose to organize the event indoors or outdoors, but it is essential to ensure that the program won't be disrupted if the weather is unfavorable. It's important to prepare tents or tarps to provide shelter from rain or sunlight. In case the event needs to be postponed due to weather conditions, you should have a backup plan to ensure the event can proceed.

Step 3: Determine the time

Typically, businesses organize the Mid-autumn Festival event on the evening of the 14th or 15th day of the lunar calendar. However, to ensure a maximum attendance from children and parents, you can plan to hold the event earlier on a weekend. Additionally, it is not necessary to hold the event in the evening; it can take place during the day to accommodate everyone's schedules. The most important aspect of organizing the Mid-autumn Festival is to have diversity in activities and foster connections among the participants.

Step 4: Determine the number of guests

To organize the Mid-autumn Festival event professionally, you need to determine the expected number of guests. This helps you plan the program accurately and specifically, including preparing games, arranging gifts, and providing appropriate food and beverages.

Step 5: Plan the expenses and budget for the event

After determining the number of guests attending the program, you need to plan the expenses and budget for the event. You can calculate necessary costs such as toys, gifts, food, and decorations. If the budget is limited, you can plan to seek sponsorship from sponsors or request contributions from parents of the participating children.


Mid-autumn Festival activities for children

Step 6: Prepare games and activities

To create a joyful and warm atmosphere for the Mid-autumn Festival program, you need to plan and prepare various games and activities such as lantern bike races, theatrical performances, lantern making, storytelling, etc., to increase the interest of the children.

Step 7: Prepare gifts and refreshments

The Mid-autumn Festival program cannot be complete without gifts and refreshments. The organizers need to prepare gifts such as mooncakes, candies, lanterns, etc. If you prefer not to prepare them yourself, you can purchase these items from stores or supermarkets.

Step 8: Organize and manage the program

During the process of organizing the program, the organizers need to have a detailed plan and clear task delegation to ensure the smooth running of the program.

Step 9: Evaluate and learn from the experience

After the completion of the Mid-autumn Festival program, it is important to evaluate and learn from the experience to improve future events. Seeking feedback from the participants is also a valuable way to gather insights and suggestions.

III. Mid-autumn Festival event organization services at Thien An Media

Thien An Media is an event organizing company with years of experience in the field, specializing in organizing Mid-autumn Festival events. When you choose Thien An Media's comprehensive Mid-autumn Festival event service, we commit to providing you with:

- Unique ideas and themes are suitable for your specific purpose. We will design a detailed script, including the MC script, program activities, timeline, audio, lighting, and more.

- A professional team of staff, including MCs, lion dance troupes, characters such as Cuoi and Hang, singers, etc., tailored to your requirements and with optimal cost efficiency.

- Design and provision of event media materials such as backdrops, standees, posters, etc.


Mid-autumn Festival backdrop

- A team of trained and experienced event personnel, editors, and technicians who can handle any risks during the event.

- Affordable event organization costs with various service packages to accommodate the needs of businesses and companies.

- Clear and efficient event procedures and documentation, ensuring compliance with all regulations set by the authorities.

These are the suggestions and services that Thien An Media provides to help you create memorable experiences for children and the families of your company's staff. If you are looking for a professional event organizing company, please contact us for consultation and the best quotation.