Corporate Film Production

I. An overview of corporate filmmaking

1.1. What is a business introduction film?

Business introduction film is a film produced for businesses or organizations to "speak for themselves" and promote information about themselves. With a duration of 3-6 minutes, the video will provide a full overview of the business including: scale, development process, products/services, outstanding achievements,... to help the audience better understand the organization without having to have a brochure or have to go far to the workshop or business premises.

Project: ITL . Business Introduction Film

Previously, this type of film was usually only produced on the occasion of the company's anniversary. However, nowadays, the production of corporate videos has been more creative and diversified with the business and success stories of each organization, presented through many different perspectives and approaches, in order to convey values ​​and messages to customers.

1.2. Benefits of making corporate films

Show professionalism: Businesses do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to write a Profile with lengthy sentences to introduce their business. Instead, through a short and lively business introduction film, customers can see more comprehensively about your business, products/services.

Brand promotion: According to many studies, the combination of sound and image has an impact on each person's subconscious and affects the shopping behavior of customers. Therefore, the self-introduction film is an effective tool in promoting the brand as well as making customers more confident in making decisions about the use of products/services of the business when there is a need. .

Help convey your own message and substance: You can propose to the corporate film company to build an interesting, unique and suitable script for the message you want to convey to customers and partners. Through that video, customers can better understand and remember the business longer.

Easy multi-channel communication: In the current 4.0 era, businesses need to change their marketing strategies to respond to demand quickly and make a difference. In this context, business introduction film is considered as one of the important marketing tools. With flexibility and the ability to perform on many different channels such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, outdoor LCD, exhibitions and use in corporate events or meetings. Corporate film production helps businesses reach potential customers quickly and effectively.

1.3. Which company should make corporate movies?

Currently, corporate film production services are suitable for many different customer files. Whether the company is small or large, regardless of industry, there should be a business video to introduce the company to customers and the public.

Project: Hoang Hung Long Enterprise Introduction Film

  • The company wants to show its outstanding development compared to previous years, so that customers can understand the stature and success of the company.
  • Newly established company, not yet known by many customers.
  • The company is changing its production and business orientation and wants to exploit the opportunity to reposition the brand.
  • Companies want to promote their brand and attract the attention of customers and business partners.
  • The company wants to expand its market and business scale.
  • Companies want to affirm their position and enhance their brand value in the eyes of customers.

1.4. The difference between corporate film production and advertising TVC production

The difference between commercials and TVCs lies in their respective uses. Although the final destination of both is to use to promote businesses, corporate films are often longer and focus more on promoting the overall brand rather than just a specific product like TVC advertising. .

Table: Comparison of corporate films and promotional TVCs


Business Introduction Film

TVC Advertising


The duration lasts from 3-6 minutes or more depending on the customer's request.

Short duration from 15s - 3 minutes.


The content fully introduces the business, including the process of formation and development, size, position and outstanding achievements.

The content is condensed, distilling expensive footage and conveying the core message.


Lower cost than TVC advertising.

High, requires sophisticated investment to create engaging content.

The degree of influence on the public

Slower impact than TVC advertising, but worth it in the long run.

The impact is quick, powerful, and easy to go viral because of its impressive images, sound, and impressive techniques.

Suitable object

Suitable for all types of businesses.

Suitable for businesses with stable financial potential, ready to pay.

II. Types of popular corporate movies today

There are many different types of business introduction films suitable for the purposes of use and advertising content of each company. Here are some common types of corporate films:

Product Introduction Film: This type of film focuses on showcasing the company's product, its features, advantages, and how to use it. This is the most basic type of promotional film and is often used to introduce new products.

Service Feature Film: Similar to a product launch film, this type of film focuses on showcasing the company's services and the benefits that customers can get from those services.

Business introduction film: This type of film helps customers better understand the company itself, its history, business philosophy, social activities and outstanding achievements.

Project: Quyen Auto Business Introduction Film

Depending on the purpose of use and advertising content, the types of corporate films will have differences in content and form.

III. Enterprise film production process

Step 1: Receive requests from customers: Thien An Media's staff will receive information and request to make a film introducing the customer's business via website, phone, email or through social media. festival.

Step 2: Meeting to discuss details of ideas and quotes: The two sides will have a meeting to discuss related issues in detail. This process includes: discussion of the idea, the script for the production of the film, the delivery time of the product, and the method of payment.

Step 3: Finalize the idea and sign the contract: The contract, quotation, production plan will be confirmed by both parties before production.

Step 4: Payment in installments: Depending on the contract agreement on the number of payments and the rate of payments to be made.

Step 5: Conduct production: Thien An Media's team will be present on the day of filming in the contract to conduct business filming according to the script. After that, the editing department will filter the shooting source for editing and send the number 1 demo to the customer.

Enterprise film production process

Enterprise film production process

Step 6: Feedback and Editing (3 times): Thien An Media regulates the number of edits to be 3 times so that customers can be completely satisfied with the final product. Therefore, customers need detailed feedback on the items that need to be corrected to ensure efficiency.

Step 7: Send the final product to the customer: Payment, handover of the final product and source of rotation (if requested by the customer).

IV. Thien An Media's corporate film production service

Currently, there are many companies that make corporate films with attractive offers on the market. However, to own a quality business introduction video, companies and businesses need to carefully research and choose the most suitable partner.

To choose the right film production unit, businesses need to find a unit that can understand their intentions, desires and goals. Choosing the right corporate film production unit will bring results such as:

  • Save costs and limit costs incurred
  • Build content and scripts in line with the spirit, communication and marketing campaigns that businesses are implementing
  • Received positive customer feedback about the video

Thien An Media is one of the prestigious and quality corporate film companies in Ho Chi Minh City. After a period of development, Thien An Media fully meets the factors to become a partner accompanying businesses in promoting their brands.

Partners trusted by many brands: Thien An has over 5 years of experience in the field and has become a reliable partner of many customers. We have cooperated to produce corporate introduction films for many brands, from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises.

Project: Kyowon Business Introduction Film The Orm

Professional staff: We always strive to learn constantly as well as update new trends to provide customers with quality products and meet market needs. Thien An Media ensures that each corporate filming product is taken care of, meticulously in each stage from ideation, script to production and post-production, no matter how high or low the customer's budget is.

Modern equipment: Thien An Media Enterprise Film Company is fully equipped with modern equipment such as high-quality camcorders with full HD, 4K, 6K resolution and a dedicated video editing computer system. according to international standards. This ensures that Thien An Media's video and image products always have the best and sharpest quality.

Reasonable price: Grandparents often have a saying: "You get what you pay for". With Thien An Media, we always aim to optimize all costs, thereby offering a variety of price packages so that customers have many choices as well as suitable for each need and purpose while still keeping balance of interests for both parties.

The use of film production services to introduce your business plus a smart, timely marketing strategy will directly bring your brand and products to the closest to the public, helping the company to promote sales growth. and strengthen its position in the market.