Product Launch Event

I. General introduction to the new product launch event

1.1. What is a new product launch event?

A new product launch event is an opportunity for businesses to officially introduce their new products or services to the public. It is an essential moment for companies to introduce and promote their new products/services to customers, consumers, partners, and the public.


Product launch event - ID JUNCTION

A new product launch event can take various forms, ranging from simple receptions to larger programs with product experiential activities, exhibitions, presentations, and seminars. Moreover, organizing a professional and well-planned event not only creates a positive impression on customers and partners but also enhances the brand image.

1.2. Objectives of organizing a new product launch event

  • Introduce the product and brand to the public


The new product launch of Toyotires

This can be seen as the first step in the process of introducing a new product to the market. The brand's new product or service will be directly introduced during the new product launch event to allow customers to recognize the emergence of the product or service and differentiate it from old products or similar products from competitors in the market.

  • Providing a real experience

When attending the new product launch event, customers will have the opportunity to experience the product firsthand, which leads to a higher level of trust and more objective evaluations. Additionally, if the event successfully fulfills its role and leaves a positive impression on customers, they are likely to spread information about the event and the product through word of mouth or social media.

  • Enabling direct feedback for the business before market release

Through product trial activities involving event attendees, businesses can gather feedback and evaluations from users regarding the product's strengths and weaknesses. This allows for updates, improvements, and ensuring that the products reaching consumers are of the highest quality.

  • Creating effective media buzz

When a new product launch event is well-invested and generates significant attention, it attracts interest and helps more people become aware of the event. Specifically, when businesses announce the event to the public through social media or directly invite important customers and partners, it helps create a certain media buzz. Consequently, the product will receive broader publicity and have a long-lasting impact on the business.

1.3. Types of new product launch event organization

There are various types of new product launch events that are suitable for different purposes and target customers of the product. Here are some common types:

  • Traditional launch event

A traditional product launch event is organized in a luxurious setting with the presence of important figures such as shareholders, customers, investors, and the press. During this event, the new product is introduced and presented in detail, including its features, functionality, advantages, pricing, and release date. Attendees have the opportunity to experience the product firsthand and may receive giveaways or awards. However, organizing a traditional launch event often involves high costs and requires meticulous planning.

  • Online launch event


Online product launch event by Gree

In the digital age, product launch events can also be organized online, and this format is becoming increasingly popular. During an online product launch event, the new product is directly introduced on social media platforms, YouTube channels, Zoom, or other applications. This allows customers to quickly and conveniently access and evaluate the new product. Businesses can also combine an offline event with an online product launch event using live streaming services to create a greater impact.

  • Roadshow program for new product launch

A roadshow is a mobile activity that continuously moves between densely populated locations. The main purpose of a roadshow is to attract customer interest in the new product. To highlight the brand, roadshows often involve multiple people and the company's uniforms.

  • Launch event at the factory or production facility

This type of event targets customers who regularly use the product, have an interest in the manufacturing process and wish to visit the factory or production facility. Customers will have the opportunity to tour the factory or production facility and directly experience the new product.

  • Private new product launch program

This format involves organizing a product launch event exclusively for a selected and specially invited group of customers. With this approach, businesses can create a private, unique space that adds a sense of exclusivity and value to their product. Additionally, this format provides an opportunity for businesses to gather feedback and insights from important customers who can influence product promotion.

  • Press conference for new product launch


Product launch press conference

Organizing a press conference to launch the new Yamaha Exciter 150 is an efficient way to quickly communicate information about the product to customers. However, this form of event can be costly as reputable media agencies need to be invited to attend. To attract the attention of attendees, creative and effective communication methods are necessary.

  • Activation event

An activation event aims to attract consumer interest by offering free product trials. This form of product launch event is cost-effective and suitable for various types of businesses. Activation events are typically held in busy shopping centers or bustling urban areas with high foot traffic.

  • Workshop for new product launch

A workshop for introducing the new product provides a more detailed approach. Instead of simply providing information and presenting basic details, workshops allow attendees to experience the product firsthand and learn from experts. This type of product launch event is suitable for products with complex features that require users to have basic knowledge or additional guidance.

II. Planning for the new product launch event

2.1. Define the objectives of the event

Defining clear and specific objectives for the new product launch event is crucial to ensure its success. These objectives should be measurable and include:

- Introducing the new product to the target audience.

- Creating attention and increasing sales.

- Building brand image and enhancing customer awareness of the brand.

- Establishing good relationships with existing customers, potential customers, and partners.

- Gathering feedback from customers about the new product and improving it based on this feedback.

2.2. Selecting the venue and time for the new product launch event

Venue: Choose a venue with suitable space for the event's scale and necessary amenities such as sound systems, lighting, Wi-Fi, etc. It is recommended to select a location near the city center or with convenient transportation routes. If you want to create a unique atmosphere, you can also consider outdoor venues or places with beautiful views to enhance the event's attractiveness.

Time: The timing of the new product launch event should be determined to provide convenience for attendees, such as avoiding holidays, weekends, and not conflict with other important events. Additionally, you should consider the weather and traffic conditions in the event area to ensure convenience for participants.

2.3. Choose a concept for the event


Impressive new product launch event concept

To create a unique and attention-grabbing new product launch event for TCL, you can choose styles that are fresh and captivating. If your target audience is young, the event concept can focus on vibrant colors, energetic music, and engaging activities such as games, photo opportunities, and product experiences.

On the other hand, for a middle-aged target audience, the event concept can be designed to be elegant and sophisticated, featuring outstanding entertainment programs such as silk dancing accompanied by symphonic music and professional networking and interaction activities. However, the event concept can be adjusted and modified flexibly depending on the purpose and target audience of the business.

2.4. Designing a timeline for the new product launch event

Planning and creating a timeline for the new product launch event is another crucial step to ensure smooth execution. Here are the tasks that need to be planned:

- Compile a guest list and send invitations to customers, partners, and relevant parties.

- Design and print communication materials for use in the event.

- Carry out communication activities to promote the event.

- Develop a program script and create a detailed schedule.

- Prepare to perform arts segments, and videos to be showcased during the program.

- Prepare and have backup tools and equipment.

- Select professional and suitable personnel to serve the event.

- Execute the setup, and decoration, and plan a full rehearsal prior to the event.

2.5. Creating an agenda for the new product launch event



Date: April 18, 2022

Venue: 3rd Floor, Building A, District 1





Guest Reception

The hostesses will welcome and guide the guests at the event entrance.

Hostesses will greet, provide instructions, and distribute event information to the guests.

The event reception will record guest information at the reception desk.


Opening Ac

The MC delivers a welcoming speech, followed by a dance performance by the dance troupe.


Event Introduction

The MC begins the program by introducing the purpose of the event and expressing gratitude to the attendees for their presence.


Keynote Speaker

The Director delivers a welcome speech and provides an overview of the development and production process of the new product.

The Director may also present the company's vision, mission, and other products.


Product Presentation

PG staff will introduce and showcase the new product on stage or in a display room.

They will then explain the features, advantages, and benefits of the product to the guests.



The event can include a tea break to allow guests to mingle and network with each other.

It is important to design a menu that includes food and beverages that align with the event's style and cater to the preferences of the guests.


Product Experience and Q&A Session

The MC invites the guests to experience the new product and encourages them to share their feedback and impressions.

A representative from the company will be present to answer any questions from the attendees, journalists, and other participants.


Atmosphere - Enhancing Mini Game

To add excitement and entertainment to the event, various performing arts acts such as singing, dancing, acrobatics, or entertainment activities like a gameshow can be included. These performances will help guests relax and create a sense of surprise and enjoyment during the event.


Event Conclusion

The MC concludes the event and expresses gratitude to the guests for attending.

The organizing committee distributes tokens of appreciation to the participants.

Memorable photos are taken, and guests are escorted out as they depart from the event.

2.6. Event security planning

To ensure the safety of all attendees and staff at the event, it is important to plan for event security. This includes securing the event venue, controlling access for guests, monitoring the use of audiovisual equipment, lighting, and other devices. Especially if your event involves the participation of celebrities or important guests, you may also consider using a camera system to monitor the event area.

2.7. Event publicity

Publicity plays a crucial role in organizing a new product launch event to attract the public and potential customer attention. Here are some activities to consider for event publicity:

- Determine the communication objectives of the event, and understand the target audience and potential customers.

- Plan the communication strategy, including online and offline advertising activities such as posting advertisements on websites, and social media platforms, and contacting media outlets for pre-event, during-event, and post-event coverage.

- Design communication materials, including logos, banners, flyers, brochures, or product introduction videos to be used during the event.

- Engage with journalists and bloggers to introduce the new product and build brand awareness.

III. Benefits of hiring Thien An Media for your event

Thien An Media, with years of experience in organizing both large and small new product launch events, understand how to bring your product brand closer to customers.

3.1. Experience and expertise

The event organizers at Thien An Media have the ability to provide effective execution solutions, manage potential risks, and ensure the successful execution of the new product launch event. During the event theme development process, our team actively listens and conducts research on the client's business to create ideas, themes, and scripts that align with the company's culture and budget.

3.2. Time and effort savings for businesses

Organizing significant events such as new product launches require extensive planning and execution efforts. Hiring Thien An Media for the new product launch event organization helps minimize the workload for the company and its employees.

3.3. Budget optimization for businesses

Event management companies have established relationships and negotiation power with various service providers such as catering, audio, lighting, and visuals. This allows for better pricing and cost reduction in organizing the new product launch event and optimizing the budget.

Partnering with Thien An Media, a professional event management company specializing in new product launch event organization and many other services, awaits you. Contact us for consultation and quotation.