Grand Opening

I. Things to keep in mind when organizing a grand opening 

The success of a business can often depend heavily on the day of its grand opening, as the old saying goes, "A bad beginning makes a bad ending" So, how can you ensure a successful event? Here are some tips to help you organize the best grand opening possible.

1.1. Set goals for the grand opening

One important consideration when organizing a grand opening is the expected number of customers who will attend on the day. By estimating this figure, you can easily prepare sufficient amounts of goods, raw materials, gifts, etc. for your customers.

In addition, some goals you can set include collecting information from potential customers or enhancing brand recognition after a successful grand opening event.

1.2. Prepare a specific plan for the grand opening

To ensure a smooth and professional grand opening, it is essential to create a detailed plan for the specific date and time and to prepare everything in advance to avoid any unforeseen issues. This will help you to achieve the most seamless and perfect grand opening event possible. If you plan to hire an event-organizing company, it's also important to contact them early to arrange a suitable schedule and avoid any scheduling conflicts.


Grand Opening of Dodivas Beauty Beauty Clinic

In addition, it's important to prepare early for various gift items, snacks, and drinks to impress customers right from the first days of the grand opening event.

1.3. Budgeting for a grand opening

Allocating an appropriate budget is a crucial aspect to consider when planning a grand opening event. Determining a budget that aligns with the company or store's financial capacity is advisable. The budget should be planned practically and reasonably, covering all necessary activities for the grand opening event without incurring unnecessary expenses.

1.4. Organizing mini-games during the event

To make the grand opening more exciting and attractive, organizing simple mini-games with prizes for the winners is also an interesting idea. Consider designing games that are appropriate and engaging to the target audience based on the business field of the company or store.


Grand Opening of Mailisa Beauty Clinic

You may consider preparing gifts such as keychains and stuffed animals, featuring the brand logo, to give to the guests. This gesture will not only create a lasting impression but also serve as a means to widely promote your brand to everyone in attendance.

1.5. Develop a contingency plan to mitigate risks

To ensure the successful organization of the event, it is important to develop a contingency plan to anticipate and mitigate potential risks that may arise. This will allow for the implementation of effective and timely measures to address any issues that may occur, thus ensuring the smooth continuation of the grand opening.

II. Basic tasks when organizing a grand opening

2.1. Ideation and theme development for the grand opening

Meticulous preparation is key to a successful grand opening event, starting from ideation and theme development to attendee selection. These crucial elements are closely linked and must be carefully considered. It is important to come up with a suitable and fitting idea for the event that meets the requirements of the leadership while also attracting the attention and interest of the media, potential partners, and customers.

2.2. Planning and content creation for the event

The prerequisite for the success of the event is to have a plan as specific and detailed as possible, when a plan is specifically built, the next steps will take place. faster and more efficient.


VietinBank Thu Duc Branch Opening Ceremony

2.3. Venue scouting for the grand opening

To find a suitable venue, it is important to have a clear definition of the event's scale and theme. Look for locations that offer comfortable space, which doesn't have to be excessively large but should still provide enough room for the event to take place.

2.4. Determine the guest list, send invitations, and publicize the event

It is important to determine the specific target audience and number of guests that the grand opening event aims to reach, and then send invitations to those guests. Invitations can be sent directly to personal addresses or via email.

In addition, it is important to publicize the event details such as date, time, and location through various popular media channels such as social media, the Internet, or newspapers to increase the event's exposure and attract potential customers.


Opening ceremony of VP Corp - HKT Group 

III. Thien An Media's grand opening services

With years of experience in organizing grand openings for companies and businesses in the southern region, Thien An Media is confident in providing customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective grand opening event packages, tailored to fit every budget set by the company.

3.1. Professional staff team

Thien An Media has a team of highly professional personnel, with creative ideas and extensive experience in event organization. The advisory team will provide solutions to build the script for the program and also act as coordinators to handle unexpected situations to ensure the event runs smoothly according to the script.

3.2. Creative ideas, themes, and scenarios for the grand opening

At Thien An Media, we always take the time to carefully listen, research, and explore to create unique and tailored ideas and themes for grand opening events that align with the company's culture, business scale, and budget. We strive to provide the best comprehensive grand opening service for our clients, including designing stages, backdrops, standees, photo corners, banners, and bunting flags. Our creative and up-to-date themes always represent the identity of the company and ensure an unforgettable event.


Event team - Thien An Media

3.3. Process of the full-package inauguration event service

Step 1: Receiving and exchanging information

Customers provide their information, including name, phone number, email, and the details of the event service required, through the contact form or via Zalo/Facebook, and we will get back to them immediately. In addition, customers can call us directly at 0911 407 447 for consultation on grand opening organization services.

Step 2: Develop initial ideas and a scenario 

After receiving and exchanging information with the client, our staff will use their experience and creativity to develop initial ideas and scenarios for the grand opening. This will help the client to quickly visualize and make adjustments to the event's progress.

Step 3: Provide a quote for the full-service event and send it to the customer

After the editing and finalizing of the grand opening event plan, the event planning company will provide a detailed quote for each item and send it to the customer.

Step 4: Create and sign the service contract

The contract will be created when both parties agree on all the issues related to the grand opening event project, and the contract will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.

Step 5: Preparation for the event

- Assigning responsibilities to departments in charge of organizing the grand opening event.

- Preparing items for the event such as personnel, equipment, venue, costumes, designs, and materials for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

- Setting up the stage, sound, and lighting system, event space, banquet tables, flowers, etc.

- Conducting a test run of the grand opening event program, including the emcee, dance group, singers, and equipment.

Step 6: Running the event program

The event is ensured to run according to the plan and time frame. All staff members will closely follow the program to ensure that all tasks are promptly handled.

Step 7: Conclusion, final report, and payment 

This is the time to evaluate the effectiveness of the grand opening services. The client will provide feedback to Thien An Media to improve the quality of services for future events. The payment process will be carried out according to the terms agreed upon in the signed contract.


Grand Opening of LeeTray 

At Thien An Media, we take pride in our experience and professionalism as a reputable full-service organizer of grand opening events in Ho Chi Minh City. Our team guarantees to deliver an impressive and high-quality event with unique and creative performances that will elevate your business. Contact us for the best consultation and support!