Some Popular Forms of Conference and Seminar Organization

Conferences and seminars are among the key events for businesses and organizations to communicate information and establish connections. However, do you know which types of conferences and seminars are widely organized? In this article, Thien An Media will introduce the 12 most popular forms of conferences and seminars nowadays.
By Thiên An Media on 25/06/2023
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The most common forms of conference organization

Business conferences

These are important events in the field of business where companies exchange information, share experiences, and discuss significant business matters.

Diễn đàn “Doanh nghiệp và Phát triển bền vững”

Forum on “Business and Sustainable Development”

In a business conference, participants may include business owners, CEOs, marketing directors, investors, senior-level managers, researchers, and experts from various business fields. The main activities of this event include:

Organizing product/service exhibitions: This is an opportunity for businesses to introduce their new products or services to potential customers, partners, and influential investors. Exhibitions also contribute to enhancing the aesthetics and value of products, creating interest in the business brand.

Conducting specialized panel discussions: Here, experts, managers, and representatives from different companies can discuss, share their experiences and knowledge, and generate breakthrough solutions for businesses. Common topics in these panel discussions include:

  • Trends and changes in the business industry.
  • Business development strategies and market expansion.
  • Approaches to customer engagement and relationship building.
  • New technologies and their applications in business.
  • Legal issues and regulations related to business.
  • Management solutions and operational efficiency optimization.
  • Policies and procedures supporting businesses from the government.
  • Topics on finance, investment, and risk management.
  • Human resources-related issues and personnel management.
  • Environmental protection and sustainable development.

Organizing networking sessions: This event provides an opportunity for businesses to expand their networks and connect with partners, customers, investors, and industry experts. Networking activities such as conversations, dining, and socializing during the event help businesses seek new business opportunities and foster closer relationships.

Arranging entertainment activities: To create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for attendees, the program may include entertainment activities such as performances, games, and refreshments.

For example: The 'Business and Sustainable Development' conference in 2022 with the theme 'Transforming Mindset and Systems for Optimizing Sustainable Business Management.' The event featured the participation of journalists, business owners, and senior-level managers from various small and large enterprises. The program included forums, discussions, and the exchange of experiences among businesses, promoting the creation of new business opportunities and the expansion of partnership relations among enterprises.

Customer conference

The main objective of this event is to create an opportunity for the company and its customers to meet, exchange ideas, and strengthen their relationships. This helps customers feel valued while providing the company with a better understanding of their needs and an opportunity to address their concerns, improve products/services, and better meet customer requirements.

Sự kiện “Tiếp nối thành công” của Nhựa Bình Minh

Continuing Success" by Binh Minh Plastics

Customer conferences are usually organized by the sales or marketing department of a company and can be held regularly or irregularly. During the preparation process, the company needs to plan and choose a suitable venue, compile a list of attending customers, and prepare engaging activities and programs to attract customer interest.

The content of the event typically includes panel discussions, networking sessions, introductions to the company's new products and services, and evaluations of customer feedback on the products and services they have used. Additionally, the company should focus on creating a friendly, professional, and formal environment where customers can comfortably interact and share their opinions.

For example: In 2021, ACB Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) organized the "ACB Customer Conference" in Binh Phuoc province. The event provided an opportunity for ACB and its customers to meet, exchange information, and learn about topics such as banking capital access channels, financial support programs for distributors, and financing products for exports. ACB also expressed gratitude to their loyal customers in Binh Phuoc province. ACB hoped that its flexible product policies would contribute to supporting, sharing, and assisting businesses in overcoming challenges in the global recession context.

Summit conference

This is a large-scale meeting among high-level leaders aimed at seeking appropriate solutions to address common workplace issues and challenges through consensus and cooperation. The purpose of the meeting is to overcome existing limitations and propose the most reasonable solutions, with a spirit of agreement and solving common problems, as well as specific issues from each party.

Hội nghị thượng đỉnh G7 về chủ đề khí hậu

The G7 Summit on Climate Change

The topics discussed at this event may include national security, economy and trade, climate change and the environment, social and cultural issues, education and science and technology, politics, and foreign relations.

Summit conferences are regularly held in international organizations such as the United Nations, G7, G20, APEC, ASEAN, etc. Member countries attend these conferences to discuss and deliberate on issues of concern and seek appropriate solutions.

For example: In 2019, the high-level summit between North Korea and the United States was held in Hanoi, lasting for two days from February 27 to 28. This meeting was the second summit between the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump of the United States, following their first meeting in Singapore in 2018.

Specialized conference

A specialized conference is an in-depth meeting focused on a specific issue, characterized by its professional nature, and attracts the participation of experts, researchers, representatives of organizations, or relevant stakeholders in that field.

Chuyên đề về nghệ thuật Tuồng - Hát Bội

Specialized Conference on Tuong and Hat Boi Art

The main content of this event typically includes presentations, discussions, conversations, workshops, exhibitions of products, posters, and other related activities. The highlight of a specialized conference is that the experts participating are highly specialized individuals with in-depth knowledge, often invited from organizations, universities, research institutes, and major enterprises in the respective field.

Organizing such an event requires careful preparation and high costs due to the requirement for expertise and comprehensive knowledge updates. However, it is an important and necessary occasion to enhance knowledge and create opportunities for exchange and collaboration among experts in the field.

For example: The "Conference on Solar Energy Development in Vietnam" was organized in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019. This conference focused on introducing new solutions and technologies in the field of solar energy, as well as sharing experiences and practices in implementing solar energy projects in Vietnam. It also provided a platform for businesses in the industry to meet, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Technology conference

Sự kiện HR Tech Conference 2022

HR Tech Conference 2022

This type of event is typically organized by technology companies, technology equipment manufacturers, or research and development organizations. The topics of the event usually revolve around:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Information Security
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Financial Technology

The program activities often include

  • Opening ceremony and introduction to the main theme.
  • Companies and businesses showcasing their latest products and services.
  • Presentations and discussions by technology experts on the main topics.
  • Q&A sessions with industry experts answering questions from journalists or the audience.
  • Networking activities, provide opportunities for representatives of companies and businesses to meet, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Entertainment and social events create a relaxed atmosphere and foster relationships between industry leaders and technology experts.

For example: The Vietnam Web Summit is an annual event held in Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the largest technology programs in Vietnam, focusing on topics related to the Internet, Information Technology, Digital Communications, Mobile Devices, and various other technology fields. The conference attracts the participation of experts, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and leading technology companies from both domestic and international sectors.

Medical conference

This is an important event in the healthcare field, attracting the participation of experts, doctors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare organizations. The purpose of the event is to provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to share experiences and update information on advancements in the industry.

The program content may include topics related to:

  • New medical research and development
  • Emerging diagnostic and treatment methods
  • Disease outbreaks and disease prevention measures
  • Global health and community health-related issues
  • Medical technology and its applications in healthcare
  • Healthcare Policies and Management
  • Healthcare education and workforce training
  • Research in pathology and physiology
  • Health and medical issues in special or underdeveloped areas
  • Advancements in medicine and ethical issues related to healthcare

Medical conferences are often held in conference centers or large hotels with modern audiovisual systems and equipment to ensure attraction and convenience for attendees. The event may also include cultural programs, culinary experiences, and networking activities to enhance relationships among healthcare experts.

Hội nghị khoa học Cố đô lần V

Conference on Endocrinology - 5th Edition

For example: The 5th Edition Conference on Endocrinology organized by the Vietnam Association of Endocrinology took place in Hue City in 2022. This event focused on topics related to endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolic disorders. The conference attracted top healthcare experts in the field of endocrinology from Vietnam and international locations to exchange experiences, update knowledge, and provide the latest solutions for patients.

Author conference

An author conference is an event organized to provide a platform for authors to meet, exchange ideas, discuss, and share experiences in writing and publishing books. Typically, this event is organized by publishing houses or literary organizations and attracts the participation of authors active in the field of literature and publishing.

The topics commonly discussed in such events include:

  • The process of writing
  • Manuscript management and book publishing
  • Book promotion and marketing
  • Copyright, book distribution to readers, and industry development-related issues

The main activities in the program include lectures, panel discussions, book signing sessions, book exhibitions and introductions, writing competitions, and other cultural activities. Author conferences also serve as a place for authors to meet and interact with each other, providing opportunities for collaboration and generating new ideas for the publishing industry.

For example: The 7th Vietnam Author Conference was held in Hanoi in 2019. It was an important event that attracted the participation of many renowned authors and leading publishers in Vietnam. At the conference, authors had the opportunity to discuss issues related to writing and publishing books, as well as introduce their new works.

Most common forms of workshop organization

Scientific workshop

A scientific workshop is a specialized event organized to discuss and update the latest information in a particular scientific research field. Typically, the event focuses on a specific theme and involves the participation of experts, researchers, and professionals in that field.

Chuyên đề “Chăm sóc da khoa học”

Conference on "Scientific Skin Care"

A scientific conference is typically organized in the form of meetings or short presentations. The topics of such events can be diverse, ranging from basic science to practical applications, from medicine to technology and the environment.

A scientific conference usually includes activities such as:

Organizing specialized presentations: Experts in the field are invited to present on specific topics and share knowledge about the latest scientific discoveries.

Discussions and dialogues: After each presentation, there is usually time for attendees to ask questions and exchange opinions with the speakers.

Poster presentations: Posters on scientific research are also displayed for participants to learn more about research topics.

Extended activities: These may include field visits, practical demonstrations, or participation in other scientific activities.

For example: The "International Conference on Information Technology and Communication - ICIT2019" was held at the University of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City National University in December 2019. The conference focused on topics related to the application of information technology and communication in fields such as healthcare, education, economics, and society. Experts in the field of information technology and communication from various countries participated in discussions and shared their latest research in this field.

Education conference

An important event aimed at providing solutions, sharing knowledge, and exchanging opinions on education-related issues. Universities, educational organizations, or government agencies often organize education conferences.

The topics commonly covered include:

  • New and effective teaching methods in education.
  • Research on key issues in education and solutions to address them.
  • Topics related to education management, including administrative, financial, and human resource management in schools.
  • Discussions on education policies and their implementation in practice.
  • Topics related to career orientation and professional development for students.

Additionally, these events provide opportunities for experts and teachers to share experiences and learn lessons with each other, enhancing unity and collaboration in education. They also serve as opportunities to establish relationships between educators and educational managers.

Tham luận các nhà nhà khoa học quốc tế tại hội thảo giáo dục

International scientists participating in an education conference

For example: At Hoa Lac, Hanoi National University organized its first academic activity on July 29, with the participation of over 200 managers and educators, along with experts from Indiana University. During the conference, delegates listened to presentations from Indiana University professors on topics related to the role of public universities in the 21st century, university finances and autonomy, digital transformation, and shared governance.

Cultural conference

This type of event focuses on topics related to culture, arts, and history. Cultural conferences are typically organized by cultural institutions, research institutes, and universities.

The main content of a cultural event includes topics such as art, and exchanging perspectives on culture, history, and cultural traditions of a country or region. These topics are often discussed through presentations, reports, and discussions. Additionally, cultural conferences often include performances, exhibitions, and visits to cultural sites as part of the program.

For example: The "International Conference on Vietnamese-Japanese Culinary Culture" was held in Ho Chi Minh City in 2023. This was an opportunity for businesses to learn more about customer needs and food sources from Japan. Participants could also update their knowledge and gain useful information about Japanese culinary culture.

Tourism conference

A tourism conference focuses on issues related to tourism. The topics commonly addressed in this event include:

  • Tourism management and development.
  • New trends in the tourism industry.
  • Impacts of tourism on the environment and local communities.
  • Tourism experiential activities, risk management, and safety.
  • Technology in tourism and innovative solutions for tourism development.

In tourism conferences, experts, businesses, and managers in the industry share their experiences and knowledge while learning from others. The event also serves as an opportunity for tourism organizers to promote their products and services to potential partners and customers.

For example: The "Resource Development Conference for Central and Central Highlands Tourism" is an event organized by the University of Economics - Da Nang University. The conference focuses on researching and improving the training process while proposing new solutions to enhance cooperation and linkages between the university and tourism businesses.

Marketing conference

A marketing conference is organized to introduce and exchange knowledge about strategies and skills in the marketing field. Typically, the program is based on specific topics such as digital marketing, content marketing, public relations marketing, direct marketing, and more.

During the program, top experts in the marketing field share their knowledge and experiences with the attending audience. They provide insights, strategies, and effective methods to help businesses enhance their marketing activities and business development.

Hội thảo Marketing do Softline tổ chức

The Marketing Conference organized by Softline

Example: The conference "Marketing in the digital age" was organized by Softline in 2019 with the participation of over 50 businesses from various sectors such as banking, healthcare, retail, and business. At the event, a Resulticks Company representative shared an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - a new trend in computer science- helping businesses better understand the AI concept in a specific context. Additionally, the conference also addressed the application of Chatbots - a useful tool that enables businesses to reach more customers and enhance their competitive advantage in the current market.

Artistic conference

This is a professional event aimed at discussing, exchanging experiences, and updating new knowledge in the field of arts. The conference usually takes place within a day or a shorter period compared to a convention. The topics discussed in the program may include fine arts, theater, music, film, literature, media, graphic design, fashion, and other art disciplines.

Artistic conferences are often organized by universities, art organizations, art producers, or other sponsors in the arts industry. Experts in the field of arts are usually invited to participate and share their experiences, knowledge, and approaches to the arts.

Example: "Contemporary art conference targeting the community" organized by the Fine Arts University in collaboration with Saigon University. With the participation of numerous delegates such as the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism), the Department of Culture and Arts, the Fine Arts Institute, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, the program covered topics including Concepts and impact of contemporary art on the community; The dissemination of contemporary art from the West to ASEAN countries and Vietnam; The development of contemporary art in Vietnam; Reasons to support contemporary art.

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