Organizing the Opening Ceremony of Mailisa Beauty Salon Binh Duong

Client : Mailisa
Location : Ho Chi Minh City

Opening of Mailisa Beauty Salon Binh Duong

The opening of the 10th branch of Mailisa Beauty Salon - Binh Duong City has contributed further achievements to Thien An Media's professional profile, affirming the ability to organize professional events that customers can entrust with peace of mind. The opening event of "Mailisa Beauty Salon - Mailisa Group" in Binh Duong City took place with the beauty consultations of the beauty queens - runner-up and exciting music performances, leading famous singers. Vietnam has left many good impressions on the guests.

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The remarkable point of the opening event of the 10th branch of Mailisa Beauty Salon conducted by Thien An Media is in the guest lineup including singers My Tam, Bao Thy, Ho Quang Hieu, Miss and runner-up like Do My Linh, Tran Tieu Vy, Ngoc Han and Huyen My and Miss Truc Diem MC are extremely famous. The success of the event was also due to the careful preparation from the event space, the reception of guests, the musical performances, the company's gifts... To achieve that grandeur and attraction, Thien An Media has put all the human resources to implement the program, meticulously from preparation to running the program within one day, creating a successful grand opening event.

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The outstanding images in the opening event of Malisa beauty salon are proof of the resounding success of the event organizing team. Opening is an indispensable corporate culture, marking a turning point in development, opening a direction with the hope of the company's success in the long-term business process. Understanding that meaning, Thien An Media has tried to invest in human resources and event equipment to improve the quality of the opening events, which the Mailsa opening project is a vivid example of.

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Thien An Media once again thanks for being the choice of Malisa beauty salon in organizing the store opening. Wish Malisa salon will do well and reap much success in the near future.

The successful grand opening will be a stepping stone and springboard for business and development smoothly. To have the opening day to start a series of smooth business days, please choose the event organization service - Thien An Media to organize a prestigious and monumental program.