Mailisa Beauty Salon Year End 2020

Client : Mailisa
Location : Ho Chi Minh City

Mailisa Beauty Salon Year-end Party 2020

Mailisa Beauty Salon is one of the leading prestigious beauty addresses in Vietnam, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of beauty. With the "Come to Be Beautiful" approach, Malisa beauty salon has been constantly affirming its brand in the world of beauty salons and beauty salons.

nhân viên chào đón giám đốc

Employees welcome Mailisa's Board of Directors

Accompanying TMV Mailisa since 2018, every year, we can enjoy the joyful and exciting atmosphere of all employees in year-end programs. 2020 is no exception, although it is an extremely difficult year for all businesses large and small, at Mailisa there is always a spirit of enthusiasm at work and full enthusiasm in all fun. Each performance has more than 20 staff members and is extremely choreographed.

tiết mục văn nghệ

The musical performances are meticulously choreographed

tiết mục văn nghệ

khách mời tất niên

Guests are excited about the shows taking place on stage

Nhân viên mailisa

Mailisa Southern staff collective

With the slogan in 2021 "Mailisa - We are a family", Thien An Media wishes Mailisa to be more and more strong, develop, soon expand branches all over Vietnam and be a prestigious beauty address in the whole country. water.